Food Safety news

Improve Supply Chain Transparency in
Modern Food & Beverage Manufacturing

In these challenging times, F&B businesses are at a critical turning point facing many challenges in the industry and shifting demands from consumers. Clean nutrition labels, visibility into suppliers, food safety and quality are among the multitude of concerns facing companies today.

Do you and your company have burning questions about F&B supply chain processes and how to boost operational productivity and sustainability? Infor has the answers for you!

Join Michael Guantiero, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting at Infor as he tackles today’s business concerns on –

  • Handling supply chain complexity in F&B
  • Streamlining food safety and compliance, and strategies to identify and respond to food safety issues
  • Reduce food loss and waste
  • Operational productivity and sustainability as a mainstream demand
  • Innovation – how to thrive in the food industry of the future

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