Atouch reader pesticides detection

Pesticide & Toxicity Screening Made Simple!

The Atouch reader platform is a rapid, easy-to use qualitative toxicity screening tool to detect pesticides contamination on foods products, including raw cannabis flower, trim, as well as source as water and potentially contaminated surfaces of processing facilities or equipment.

Atouch the rapid on site detection of nerve agents and pesticides in source and drinking water, this is the nanotechnology now allow growers, processors, dispensaries and other commercial operations within the agricultures products and environment or hemp industries to quickly and effectively test their products for various pesticides or toxic/heavy metal contaminations.

This broad –spectrum detection system makes testing samples simple and cost effective. Powered by an advanced portable reader, the Atouch reader rapid test kit provides on -site monitoring capability, allowing Import-export company or food manufactures to produce a high quality products and avoid costly product losses cause by pesticides contamination.