Hydrogen Sulfite bacteria in drink produce (Salmonella)

The detection of certain types of coliform bacteria in drinking water, such as Citrobacter and some harmful bacteria like Salmonella and Proteus which are all hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria which cause diarrhea, can be done by using field test kit, V810 Medium (culture media absorbed in cotton ball). Using V 810 Medium to detect those hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria in drinking water is very simple, easy and convenient. If the water is contaminated, the culture medium will change from its original clear light yellow to slightly black, black and more black precipitate depending on the degree of contamination. Also the presence of emergence of gas when shaken the reaction bottle gently confirms positive hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria contamination.

V 810 Medium is used as a reliable tool in detecting coliform bacteria such as Citrobacter bacteria and enteric pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella in drinking water if one follows the prescribed instruction and steps as shown in the manual. The result of using V810 Medium shows over 85.2 % accurate compared to the standard test procedure or Multiple-Tube Fermentation Technique according to the finding of research study.